About us

We are a Marine Environmental Compliance Services Organization established to assist ship owners and ship managers navigate the labyrinth of global compliance regulations. We vow to protect your assets and our oceans.

Our Mission

The targets and the mission of our company are artfully hidden in our name and our logo, which derives from ancient greek mythology.
King Saron, the famous ancient king of Troizina, was a fierce hunter. Once he was after a doe. The female deer, having no other escape route, she fell into the sea. Saron followed shortafter, dived into the sea and continued the swim chase.
Without realizing it, he moved far away from the shore, his forces eventually abandoned him and he drowned.

In an analogy, where the hunter is the shipowners and the doe is our oceans. This is the fate we wish our clients to avoid. Our sole focus is to protect the doe, but also the hunter.

Since then the gulf that he was drowned in took his name. The famous Saronic Gulf. Today in its northern shores,the most significant shipowning hub of the globe stands, Piraeus.

Our Values

Our core value is Reliability. We strive to be 24/7 available for our Clients, understanding that Shipping does not have time zones or office hours. Moreover we make sure that the services and most importantly the guidance and advice we offer are always based on cutting-edge science and the latest regulatory requirements.

We understand how important is to have a trusted partner in the turbulent shipping enviroment therefore we value Honesty, Integrity and Confidentiality as corner stones of our conduct.

Finally, being also engaged in many testing activities, Impartiality, with regards to analytical findings is in the core of our activities.

Our Background

We are a team of experienced Chemical and Marine Engineers, Chemists, Marine Biologists, Oceanographers and Maritime professionals with deep knowledge on the environmental regulations and hand on experience onboard the ships. Our team is formed and headed by Pandelis Kiriakis, NTUA Chemical Engineer MSc, MBA.